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GRID Autosport Announced With A Flashy Trailer


GRID Autosport Announced With A Flashy Trailer

GRID fans rejoice! Codemasters has just released a reveal trailer for their upcoming title GRID Autosport. They’ve also posted a new blog entry detailing the new features that will be implemented in this new title.

The trailer alone shows off locales such as “Hockenheim, Sepang, San Francisco, Jarama and Yas Marina” and the Codemasters blog entry boasts that there will be plenty more locations to check out in its complete roster.

The blog entry also states that Codemasters has been “busy gathering feedback” while patching and releasing content for GRID 2, and this has greatly factored into the “early development of GRID Autosport”. It looks like more news will be coming our way soon so stay tuned for that!

 GRID Autosport has been slated for release on June 27th for PC, XBOX 360, and the PS3.

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