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Sons of Anarchy Video Game is Back in Business


Sons of Anarchy Video Game is Back in Business

While a game based on the FX television crime drama series Sons of Anarchy has been in production for a while now, it was, at some point, postponed. However, fret not, for series creator Kurt Sutter has confirmed that the game is well under way and that it’s “pretty fucking awesome.”

It’s safe to say he’s really digging it so far. He’s not allowed to give away many details about the game, but he was kind enough to reveal that it will be a first-person action-adventure with HD graphics. Mostly everything nowadays is with HD graphics, so this doesn’t reveal very much, but ought to be just enough to hype fans of the series. All we can hope is that it’s not another Ride to Hell: Retribution. Based on its hit source material, there very well may be one badass game on the way. We’ll update you once more information on the upcoming game surfaces.

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