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Catlateral Damage – Finally Be That Damn Cat That Knocks Everything Over


Catlateral Damage – Finally Be That Damn Cat That Knocks Everything Over

If you’ve ever owned a cat, lived with one, or you just know the first thing about cats, you’ll know about their incessant insatiable desire to knock fucking everything over. Books, napkins, plates, keys, cups (empty or full of water), they just don’t give a shit. It’s fantastic.They’re fascinating creatures, and I can only hope to reach that numbing level of just not caring about anything someday. Until then however, there is Catlateral Damage, the cat simulator that finally lets us perform the terrible misdeeds of your standard housecat.



The developer(s) has successfully captured that satisfying feeling of just obliterating everything someone loves. While the game is still in its alpha stage, you can still play it for yourself (link below). The controls are fairly simple with WASD controls to move around, space bar to jump really high, and the mouse buttons to either smack precious objects to the left, right, or forward. It’s adorable to see in first-person just a little paw flying by. With 2 minutes and 100,000 points to strive for, jumping atop of anything and knocking over everything feels awesome.

As the game is early in development, there’s not a whole lot to it, but it doesn’t really need all that much to work. Similar to Soda Drinker Pro, it’s mostly in the novelty of the game that lets it work as a whole. If the developers really wanted to though, they could make a pretty bitchin’ game here well worth a place on Steam, Xbox Live, Nintendo eShop, or PlayStation Network. For now though, try it out for yourself, put yourself in your cat’s shoes… or paws or whatever.

What have I done to deserve this...

What have I done to deserve this…

As of the time of writing this, the game is in its alpha version 4.0. As the game continues development, we’ll be sure to let you know how it comes together. There are plans to include more rooms to destroy, likely with various obstacles along the way. It’s adorable, it’s satisfying, it’s Catlateral Damage. You can download the free demo right here and finally be that damn cat that knocks everything over.

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