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[E3] Hands-On Preview: Hell Yeah!


[E3] Hands-On Preview: Hell Yeah!


Hell Yeah! is an amazing new game by Arkedo studios. Made by a studio of only 6 people, the staff at the booth described the game as a sort of “MetroidVania” style game, presumably referring to the vertical and horizontal progression and combat. Twisted, vulgar, hilarious humor is emphasized in the game. In fact, the entire premise of the game is that you are the rabbit spawn of rabbit satan, and you after being caught fornicating with a rubber ducky, you set out to murder every monster (over 100 unique monsters in total) who laughed at (or even simply witnessed) your humiliation.

The combat involves riding around in a giant chainsaw jetpack device, and shooting a variety of guns from your vehicle. Each of the 100 enemies have unique attacks, and there are many unique (and hilarious) quicktime event finishing moves as well, which include timing-based button presses to arbitrary trivia questions, and usually reduce your enemy to some sort of pulpy mess dripping down the screen.

After hearing a ringing endorsement from one of Yami’s friends (“best in show E3 2012”, in her words), we made sure to make our way to the booth to try it. The staff around the booth were extremely nice to us, and one was even kind enough to offer me a review code for Limbo (another game he had helped ship) after hearing that I had not had the opportunity to play it yet (although this was after I gushed a little bit about their new game). They all seemed genuinely excited to be involved with the title, and to tell us more about it. Other than some occasional quirks with the jetpack, I found the combat to be very enjoyable and intuitive. The humor was hilarious, and the art style was fantastic and colorful, a nice contrast to many modern games. Unfortunately, we didn’t ask about the price, but I would imagine that it would be less expensive than a normal release title, as it is being released exclusively on PSN, XBLA, and Steam. One of the representatives from Arkedo mentioned that the game would likely be released in the next few months.

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