Monster Hunter Stories’ Legend of Zelda DLC Adds on Epona and More This Week

Link’s trusty steed comes to Monster Hunter.

The Legend of Zelda is coming to Monster Hunter Stories, as a few pieces of charming DLC. The add-on pack launches on September 28 and it’ll add on a number of items, that all fit into Monster Hunter Stories’ more cartoony visual style.

First off you’ll get the iconic companion of Link’s, Epona, as a new “monster” ally you can ride and use in battle. For your own character you’ll be able to dress up in Link’s tunic and use the Master Sword as a weapon. Finally, your Felyne friend will be able to wear Majora’s Mask, if you needed a little more of that Zelda vibe. You can take a look at everything in the trailer down below.

Monster Hunter Stories is currently available for Nintendo 3DS. If you’ve yet to try the game, there’s also a downloadable demo on the 3DS eShop. Make sure you also take a look at all the ways that Stories differs from you typical Monster Hunter game, to see if it’s for you.


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