Platinum Games Is Teasing a Possible Nintendo Switch Version of The Wonderful 101

Could we see The Wonderful 101 on Switch after all?

The official Twitter account for Platinum Games has been dropping hints that may spell a Switch release for the cult Wii U title The Wonderful 101.

A certain tweet from the game’s Japanese Twitter account has all but convinced fans that a Nintendo Switch version is coming in the near future. It depicted an image showing off director Hideki Kamiya and other players enjoying a rousing game of The Wonderful 101, each holding Switch Joy-Con controllers instead of Wii U GamePads.

It’s a sly change that only fans took notice of, especially as The Wonderful 101 has garnered a rabid set of fans since its debut. Though it actually sold quite poorly, it’s been a topic of discussion for Platinum Games fans since it touched players in ways they weren’t expecting — its unique comic style and characters left their mark on anyone who picked up a copy of the game.

This could be a hint that the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch, or it could be a clever ruse, knowing Hideki Kamiya. Either way, given the Switch’s current notoriety as a port machine, The Wonderful 101 would be landing on an excellent home should the powers that be decide it needs to come to the system.


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