Destiny: Rise of Iron Heroic Raid – How to Beat SIVA Density Room Vosik

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Heroic Vosik in Radiation Room – Destiny: Rise of Iron

Starting Off

The second part after fighting Vosik in the opening of Destiny: Rise of Iron’s new Wrath of the Machine raid places you in a small radiation room with Vosik, who is ready to fight you yet again. Now this is one seriously tough room because there are a lot of adds, some bombs, and lots of SIVA radiation.

Before starting you’ll want to learn the room. There is the platform in the center where the boss stands, and four rooms around the edge. These rooms will be important later, so remember them. Also note the group of monitors at the top of the screen.

You’re going to want to once again split into three pairs – one for bombs, and one defender – and split between left, middle, and center. There will be a bunch of enemies spawning non-stop while the boss stands in the middle. What you’ll want to do is focus on adds until bombs fall from the sky (they’ll be preceded by a warning bell). Heroic mode ups the ante by making every person have to grab bombs and focus on the boss as well as monitors, so everyone must be on their A-game. 

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