Overwatch: How to Do Emotes, Say Hello, Ask For Healing, and More

Overwatch has you playing against your foes and working with a team to beat the objectives. Naturally, you’ll be able to communicate through emotes if you don’t feel like talking/typing up a storm while playing. This might be handy if you don’t own a mic, are very anxious when speaking online, or just plain ol’ mute everybody.

In order to perform emotes in the game, you simply need to open up the communication wheel. This is done either by hitting C on your keyboard or down on the d-pad. Then, you highlight one of the options and you’ll be saying hello, letting people know of your Ultimate, and pulling off a pose in no time. Here are the full, quick interactions you can do:

  • Acknowledge
  • Emote (The pose you equip)
  • Group Up
  • Hello
  • Need Healing/Buffs
  • Thanks
  • Ultimate Status
  • Voice Line

Congratulations on your newfound emoting abilities! Get out there and put on your best Victory Pose! If you need any other help with Overwatch, check out our wiki for guides, tips, tricks, and more!

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