Far Cry Primal: How to Easily Clear and Claim Outposts

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Far Cry Primal has two different types of locations you can take over scattered throughout the land of Oros. The larger, more challenging locations are outposts. These require you to clear out an entire camp in order to claim it as your own. Where bonfires usually have only two or three enemies, outposts can easily have upwards of 10, plus the option to call in more if you get spotted.

These can become exceptionally difficult as you progress through the game and discover new enemy types. Plus, there is always the chance of the wild interfering, so you’ll need an approach that can deal with all scenarios if you want to maximize your XP gains from these locations.

We’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you easily clear all of the outposts in Far Cry Primal. 

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