Fallout 4 PC Mod Support Coming This April, PS4 Will Get It Last

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PCs will see mod support first, and PS4 last.

Official mod support for Fallout 4 is finally on the calendar, with the first phase set to hit PCs in April. “Our goal is between the first two DLCs,” director Todd Howard told Game Informer when asked for an expected date. “It’ll go up at that time on PC. In April.”

Currently, mod support is in beta testing. Like Fallout 4’s patches and the upcoming Survival Mode, the feature will come to PC first, which will allow the team to fine tune with updates faster than is possible on consoles.

“There’ll be a lag on consoles. We want to get it up on PC and have it work. It’ll probably be a good month before it hits Xbox One, and another month for PlayStation 4.”

Howard also shared in the interview that Fallout 4 sold better digitally than physically on day one.

Fallout 4’s first DLC, Automatron, is due in March, with two more DLC’s planned down the line. You can read up on all of their prices, dates and details here.

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