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Fallout 4 Sold More Digital Than Retail Copies Day One

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Fallout 4 Sold More Digital Than Retail Copies Day One

“That’s a big change.”

Fallout 4 sold like hotcakes, and according to game director Todd Howard, it saw more digital sales than physical sales the first day of its launch.

Howard shared the news in a recent interview with Game Informer. “Fallout 4 sold more day one digitally than at retail. That’s a big change,” he said, giving no specific numbers. Bethesda has previously shared, though, that the game shipped 12 million units day one, with sales generating over $750 million.

The news represents a recent growth in digital sales, which according to SuperData Research grew to $61 billion last year.

Bethesda recently announced the dates and pricing for all upcoming Fallout 4 DLC, as well as a bump to the season pass price. Until new content drops, Fallout 4 players have been keeping themselves busy with the game’s creation tools, making settlements that mirror Bioshock Infinite and the Silent Hills P.T. demo.

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