Fallout 4: How and Where to Change Your Face at a Plastic Surgeon

Fallout 4 is a huge fan of character customization. You can change up from hair to lips. Heck, even jowls can be modified. But what about after you spend time out in the Wasteland with your character? What if you want their appearance to change in accordance with what they’ve experienced? Or maybe you just plain ol’ are sick of seeing the face you originally made.

Luckily, just as there is a barber available, there is also a plastic surgeon in Diamond City. Head on over there and look to the right of the center noodle shop. Pay a visit to Doctor Sun. No, you’re not going to ask him to cure your rad poisoning; instead, inquire about facial reconstruction. He will then point you to the red door right next to his shack. Go in and down the stairs will be Doctor Crocker who specializes in changing your face.

There you have it! Look brand new thanks to this doc.

Fallout 4

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