Halo Infinite Will Let Players Earn Credits Through Battle Pass Progression

halo infinite

Halo Infinite released at the tail end of 2021, and while it’s been lauded for being an outstanding open-world game and a return to form for the series, there have been complaints about its in-game store and microtransaction prices. 343 Industries had addressed some of these issues on Twitter previously, stating that they were looking into ways to improve the situation.

Announced via Twitter this past weekend, 343’s Head of Design Jerry Hook stated that Credits will be made earnable through Battle Pass progression in season 2. This means that it’s no longer necessary for players to spend real money to get cosmetics in the in-game shop, though earning them through the Battle Pass will undoubtedly take them a longer time to get what they want.

Even so, it’s a fair compromise that at least gives players the option to grind through game progression if they’re truly resistant towards spending money.

Halo Infinite is now available on Xbox and PC.

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