Dead by Daylight Creators Announce Building & Raiding Shooter Meet Your Maker; Coming in 2023

It's time to Meet Your Maker.

meet your maker

Today, Behaviour Interactive, the creators of Dead By Daylight, aired their first ever Beyond livestream event in which they announced all of the new content they’ve got coming out for 2022 and beyond. Alongside plenty of news for already announced games, they also shared a lot of exciting information about new titles as well, including the first look at their brand new Apocalyptic shooter, Meet Your Maker.

Meet Your Maker dying world, you play as a Custodian of Sanctuary and servant to the Chimera.In this exciting new game, you will be able to fight amidst a chaotic post-apocalyptic world, in which every level is designed by players for players.

According to the developers, user-generated content is the heart of Meet Your Maker, as gameplay revolves around the creation, defense, and infiltration of Outposts. In order to build up the precious Genetic Material you need to live in the harsh environment of the world its set in, you need to create and steal as much as this as possible.

Meet Your Maker Release Date

If you want a little more information on what the game will have to offer, you can check out the official deep dive that is set to take place right after the Behavior Showcase finishes up. Otherwise, you can get your hands on Meet Your Maker when it comes out for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox in 2023.

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