Image Source: Bethesda via Twinfinite
Image Source: Bethesda via Twinfinite

All Starfield Main Quests List

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Bethesda has always prided itself in giving their players the ultimate, open-ended RPG experience in each of their games, and Starfield is the latest and greatest example of it. Whether you want to stick to the story, or go off the beaten path and explore everything that a galaxy of hundreds of planets has to offer, or a good balance of both, the choice is all yours. If you’re wanting a good idea of what exactly to expect from Starfield’s main story, here is our handy guide for all of Starfield’s main quests in the game.

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Every Main Story Quest in Starfield (Including Locations & Rewards)

Starfield what is the main story quest line
Image Source: Bethesda via Twinfinite

Before you read any further, be aware that this guide includes major spoilers for Starfield’s main campaign. If you don’t wish to know certain details of where the story will take you, we suggest returning to this guide at a later time.

However, if you’re not as concerned with that, and simply want an overview of how long the main story is and in general what to expect, we’ve got the full quest outline for you. There are a total of 19 main quests from start to finish (excluding heavy side quests like ‘Power From Beyond’ which are still recommended for making things easier down the line).

We’ve included the name of each quest in the basic order they become available (though some later ones can intertwine), along with their starting location, and the basic rewards you receive upon completion.

Quest NameStarting LocationQuest GiverRewards
One Small StepVectera (Narion System; Moon of Anselon)Supervisor Lin400 EXP | 8,000 Credits | Constellation Pack
The Old NeighborhoodThe Lodge (Jemison; Alpha Centauri System)Sarah Morgan400 EXP | 8,000 Credits | Constellation Space Suit & Helmet | Sarah Morgan as optional Companion
The Empty NestAkila (Cheyenne System)Sarah Morgan350 EXP | 7,200 Credits | Sam Coe as optional Companion
Back to VecteraVectera (Narion System; Moon of Anselon)Sarah Morgan350 EXP | 7,200 Credits | Barrett as optional Companion
Into the UnknownThe Lodge (Jemison; Alpha Centauri System)Sarah Morgan4,000 EXP | 9,500 Credits | Andreja as optional Companion
All That Money Can BuyVolii Alpha (Volii System)Walter Stroud400 EXP | 10,000 Credits | Fiscal Quarter Weapon
StarbornVolii Alpha (Volii System)Walter Stroud300 EXP | 5,000 Credits | Calibrated Constellation Space Helmet
Further Into the UnknownThe Lodge (Jemison; Alpha Centauri System)Vladimir Sall750 EXP | 10,200 Credits
ShortsightedThe Eye, Jemison’s Orbit (Alpha Centauri System)Vladimir Sall700 EXP | 4,000 Credits
No Sudden MovesThe Eye, Jemison’s Orbit (Alpha Centauri System)Vladimir Sall750 EXP | No Credits
High Price to PayThe Lodge (Jemison; Alpha Centauri System)Noel800 EXP | 13,300 Credits | Calibrated Constellation Pack
UnityThe Lodge (Jemison; Alpha Centauri System)Matteo800 EXP | No Credits
In Their FootstepsOborum III (Oborum Prime System)The Hunter750 EXP | No Credits
Final GlimpsesThe Lodge (Jemison; Alpha Centauri System)Vladimir Sall800 EXP | 11,800 Credits | Refined Constellation Space Suit
EntangledNishina Research Station (Freya III; Freya System)N/A (Occurs during ‘Final Glimpses’)800 EXP | 7,500 Credits
UnearthedOborum III (Oborum Prime System)The Emissary4,500 EXP | 10,200 Credits
Missed Beyond MeasureThe Lodge (Jemison; Alpha Centauri System)Noel750 EXP | No Credits
RevelationMasada III (Masada System)The Emissary5,000 EXP | No Credits
One Giant LeapBuried Temple (Masada III; Masada System)Choice DependentN/A (End of Game; option of New Game Plus)

That concludes our guide for a list of all Starfield main quests. Be sure to let us know what you’ve enjoyed most about the game’s story, or something you wanted to see.

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