The Witcher 3 Has 1,300 Characters, 820,000 Words, and More Fun Stats

"We don't mess around."

CD Projekt RED is still glowing from their awards sweep at the 2016 Game Awards, releasing a video acknowledging their development team, thanking the fans, and sharing some huge Witcher 3 statistics.

Writers, artists, actors, stuntment, testers, designers and more worked to create The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s 136 square kilometers of world, filled with 1,500 characters sporting 16,000 animations. A whopping 820,000 words and 2,000 concept drawings helped, too. By the way, that’s 200,000 more words than War and Peace, and 300,000 more than The Lord of the Rings. Numbers.

But we get to ogle these huge numbers thanks to the CD Projekt team, who put it bluntly: “We don’t mess around.”

In the video, the devs say The Witcher has become a global brand because its stories are “capable of triggering real human emotions,” ones even non-gamers can feel.

“We want to push forward and elevate this art form. Elevate storytelling,” they share. “Everyone put a lot of heart into the game. and for this, I thank you.”

The Witcher 3 recently released its Hearts of Stone expansion, and the next, titled Blood and Wine, is slated to release early this year. Until then, you can take a break from numbers and enjoy these Blood and Wine teaser screenshots.

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