Middle-earth Shadow of War: How to Upgrade Armor and Weapons

How to Upgrade Armor and Weapons in Shadow of War

Talion is really pumped to get his revenge in Middle-earth: Shadow of War. He’s got a whole army along with the wonderful fashion choices we’ve come to know and love. Here’s how you can make this husk of revenge even stronger by upgrading his weapons and armor, though!

If you’re looking to switch out your armor or weapons for better ones you picked up, head over to the start menu. Select the Inventory section. Here, the first row of icons are your different weapons and armors that you have equipped. Select each and you will be able to swap them out for whichever you have picked up.

If you’re wondering how to upgrade by applying the buffs that gems can bring to the table, you still go to that same Inventory window. This time, look at the second row. Those are where your gems can be placed. Gems don’t get deleted when you change your armor or weapon piece, so don’t think that it’s written in stone whichever you choose. Placing each type of gem in each type of equipment has different upgrades and advantages. Here are the different gems you can use to upgrade your equipment:

Potency – Affects your damage.

Vitality – Affects your health.

Wealth – Affects your loot drops.

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