Remedy Exposes the Setting of Control in its Latest Dev Diary


Remedy Entertainment has released a new developer diary for Control, and it delves into the some of the deeper mysteries surrounding the setting of its upcoming supernatural action game. Being one of the many pleasant surprises during this year’s E3, Control’s mind-bending aesthetic fits the mold of what we have come to expect from the developer of Alan Wake and Quantum Break. While it’s clear that Remedy will be bringing its action-game chops to Control, it’s the supernatural aspect that leaves a lasting impression. In its latest developer diary, Remedy delves into its setting, called the Oldest House.

From the outside, the Oldest House appears to be an incredibly plain and depressing skyscraper in Manhattan, and serves as the headquarters for the Federal Bureau of Control. Within its walls lies a separate plain of reality that, according to Remedy, can completely bend and change based on how you proceed through the game. Narrative lead, Anna Megill, explains that nature of the Oldest House is completely dynamic and never static to just one form.¬†“We sort of think of it as a world within a location. It’s this ever-shifting place, full of mysteries and adventures for players to explore.”


The Oldest House seems to play to the very theme of control that Remedy is attempting to emphasize. What at first appears to be a very meticulous setting, in reality, is a prison for wild and unsuspected forces. Remedy has made its name on narrative heavy action-adventures, and Control looks to be an evolution of what the Finnish studio does best.

For more on Control, check out our impressions of the 30-minute demo shown at this year’s E3.

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