Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age: How to Beat the Demon Wall Boss

How to Beat the Demon Wall Boss in Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

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One of the big story segments of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age has you traveling to a location called The Tomb of Raithwall in search of a powerful piece Nethicite known as The Dawn Shard. The tomb has a deadly guardian, however, one that Final Fantasy fans will be quite familiar with. The series boss Demon Wall returns as you head down the stairs of the tomb, and it pushes you towards the end of the walkway. If you get pushed all the way to the end it’s completely game over. Now the catch with the Demon Wall is that there’s actually two different encounters in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. The first is optional as you can simply flee and open the door at the end, but the second and easier one must be defeated and is immediately after the first.

Beating both Demon Walls does present a nice prize, however, as you gain access to a chest with the powerful Demonsbane Sword. We’ll help you defeat both Demon Walls in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age and grab the sword. First thing’s first, before you start the fight set Protect on your entire party and set up a Gambit for Haste if someone in your party has it. Next go into the options menu and up the battle speed as high as it will go. This will make your party attack faster than usual, but won’t change the speed of the Demon Wall itself.

At the start of the battle cast Reflect on someone in your party and bounce spells off of them to damage the Demon Wall, Aero is particularly effective here. You’ll definitely want to use the largest Quickening Chain you possibly can early on, and then whittle it down with a combination of attacks and magic. Another option is if you have access to the Berserk spell, cast it on Vossler and let him have at the boss. If you find that you’re still having trouble with the boss, don’t be afraid to head out of the tomb and grind a few levels using the fast forward feature. Ideally, you’ll want to be between level 20 -25 for the fight.

Once you’ve defeated the first Demon Wall just head through the door and employ the same strategy against the second. This one is much easier so you shouldn’t have any problem. Now after you’ve beaten the second wall, head back to where the first one started the battle. You’ll see a jewel you can interact with, which will unlock a hidden pathway to the chest containing Demonsbane. The Demon Wall is certainly one of the most challenging bosses in the first half of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, but train up a bit and use these strategies and you should come out fine.

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