Capcom Warns of Game-Breaking Bug in Resident Evil 4 Remake

A rare but game breaking bug has been addressed by Capcom.

Leon with knife in Resident Evil 4 Remake Image Credit: Capcom

The Resident Evil 4 Remake has been acclaimed by critics and players alike, giving horror fans a chance to replay a reskinned classic. From 6 things to do once the game has been completed to Ashley’s satisfying redemption arc, there’s something for everyone in RE4 Remake.

However, like any major title, it suffers from some bugs, glitches and related problems. One such problem has emerged in Chapter 12 of Resident Evil 4 Remake, stopping players from progressing beyond that point if they perform certain actions.

In a March 31 tweet, the developers at Capcom addressed the “rare” but “critical” issue, confirming that they’re working on a proper fix but, for now, players will have to make slight adjustments to their gameplay in order to avoid it.

The announcement reads: “We have confirmed an issue on all platforms where players will be unable to progress in the game when performing certain actions in a specific area… A cutscene will play at the beginning of Chapter 12, after which the player will receive a key item. Please refrain from attacking with the knife until the notification for obtaining this item is displayed in the upper right of the screen.”

Players are able to double check whether the item has been successfully obtained by visiting the ‘Key Items & Treasures’ menu. If it does not, they should reload their saved data from prior to Chapter 12 to avoid the problem.

Capcom’s statement concluded: “We intend to fix this issue in a future update and apologize for any inconvenience. After the update has been applied, players will be able to continue the game even with the saved data where the error previously occurred.”

They did not confirm a timescale on the fix but, given the egregious and serious nature of the glitch, it’ll likely be a priority for Capcom. In the meantime, the workaround stated should be enough for players to enjoy RE4 Remake without any critical and game-breaking problems.

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