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Reshiram is a Legendary Pokemon that sometimes finds its way into Raid encounters in Pokemon GO, usually through seasonal events. Hopefully, with the help of our Reshiram Raid guide, you’ll be able to catch this Legendary Dragon. Here’s everything you need to know about Reshiram’s Raid guide, counters, stats, and more in Pokemon GO.

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Reshiram Raid Guide in Pokemon GO

Reshiram is a Legendary Pokemon that pops up from time to time as available to catch through Pokemon GO Raids. Most recently, Reshiram has returned as a Five Star Raid for the Timeless Travels Season, and will be live to encounter through these Raids between the dates of Dec. 1, 2023 – Dec. 9, 2023. As Reshiram has only ever been available in Five-Star Raids right now, that’s going to be your only way to catch this beast, so Trainers should make use of this opportunity.

Timeless Travels in Pokemon GO
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Niantic

What Reshiram’s Weaknesses and Counters Are in Pokemon GO, Explained

In Pokemon GO, Reshiram is most vulnerable to Dragon, Rock, and Ground Type damage, with each of these typings dealing super effective damage upon impact. If that means you need to break out a few TMs on to equp the right moves with your Pokemon, then it will be a very worthy sacrifice setting you up with more suitable more Dragon, Rock, and Ground ‘Mons for Raids.

Luckily, there are several strong Pokemon within these typings that Trainers can use when going up against Reshiram. This will help them to successfully counter the white beast and emerge victorious, even gaining the chance to catch one for themselves after the fight.

Quite often, Raids are best dealt with by using various Shadow Pokemon. Fortunately, this Reshiram Raid isn’t bogged down by Shadow Pokemon. All you’ll need are some solid ‘Mons from our recommendations list below.

Best Pokemon & Movesets to Use – Reshiram Raid Guide

There are several Dragon Type Pokemon, such as Mega Rayquaza, Mega Garchomp, Shadow Salamence, Shadow Dragonite, and more that are more than capable of hitting Rehiram extremely hard in Raid battles. Garchomp, in particular is a very solid choice, due to being Ground and Draogn Dual-Type, both of which Reshiram is weak to.

Pokemon Fast Attack Charge Attack 
Mega RayquauzaDragon TailOutrage
Shadow DragoniteDragon TailDragon Claw
Shadow SalamenceDragon TailOutrage
DialgaDragon BreathDraco Meteor
RayquazaDragon TailOutrage

There is also many versatile Rock type Pokemon that make perfect choices for the challenge of Reshiram Raids, from the powerful and heavy hitting Shadow Tyranitar, to the dainty Mega Diancie. Each one of these Pokemon are a useful choice or addition to your team when coming up against this Legendary Dragon, so be sure to utilize them if you have some of these Mons’ paired with high CP and solid stats.

Pokemon Fast Attack Charge Attack 
Shadow TyranitarSmack DownStone Edge
Mega DiancieRock ThrowRock Slide
RampardosSmack DownRock Slide
Mega AerodactylRock ThrowRock Slide
TerrakionSmack DownRock Slide

Lastly, there’s some solid Ground Type Pokemon to follow up, with each of these making suitable choices when going up against Reshiram. Between all three Typings, you should now have enough options identified for building a suitable team and taking down this member of the Tao Trio.

Pokemon Fast Attack Charge Attack 
ExcadrillMud-SlapScorching Sands
Primal GroudonMud-SlapPreciple Blades
RhyperiorRock ThrowRock Wrecker
Mega SwampertMud ShotEarthquake

Reshiram’s Strengths & Weaknesses

This big Dragon Pokemon from the Unova region is a fantastic Fire-type attacker in Raids. It’s one of the best if not the best option for most Raids that favor Fire Pokemon. However, it’s not all easy sailing for Reshiram.

As we mentioned earlier in this Reshiram Raid Guide, the Vast White Pokemon has three glaring type weaknesses: Rock, Ground, and Dragon. Unfortunately, the Ultra and Master Leagues both have lots of powerful Dragon-types.

Sure, Reshiram can hit them for super effective damage too, but it won’t survive long enough to get KOs. That’s not to say it’s a bad choice in PvP battles though. We’ll have to see how the battle results come in throughout the season with Reshiram added to the pool before making a final judgment though.

Reshiram’s Moveset in Pokemon GO

Reshiram has two great fast attacks, but you’ll probably just want to stick with Fire Fang. If you catch enough Reshirams to have multiple for Raids and one or two for PvP battles, then you might start looking at Dragon Breath.

But this Legendary is a Fire-type Raid battler through and through thanks to its massive Grass resistance. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Reshiram pop up in Grass Pokemon Raid guides from now on. Here are Reshiram’s fast attacks:

Attack Attack TypePvP DamagePvE DamagePvP Energy YieldPvE Energy Yield
Dragon BreathDragon4634
Fire FangFire81258

Again, you’ll want to focus on Fire here. Overheat is ridiculously powerful but it takes a long time to charge. Fortunately, it has resistances to Steel- and Grass-type Pokemon which will help it survive long enough to get off multiple Overheats in a single Raid. Here are Reshiram’s charge attacks:

Attack Attack Type Damage (PvP & PvE)PvE Energy CostPvP Energy CostPvP Effect
Overheat Fire130 & 16010055User attack -2
Draco MeteorDragon15010065User attack -2
Stone EdgeRock10010055N/A

You shouldn’t be too worried about this Dragon when focusing on this move list through the lens of the Reshiram Raid guide. Draco Meteor is a tough move to survive, but all the other attacks are relatively less frightening.

Better yet, you have a 75 percent chance that you’ll run into a Reshiram that doesn’t even have Draco Meteor. Just go all out with your Dragons and then, on the fly, figure out if you’ll need to dodge or load up a second team.

But if we look away from the Reshiram Raid guide for a moment to focus on this moveset in terms of PvP, then Dragon Breath is very dangerous. It can easily chew through the HP bar of any Pokemon without Dragon resistance. Crunch could be used to bait out shields and Draco Meteor or Overheat could finish off opponents.

Reshiram’s Stats in Pokemon GO

Reshiram actually shares base stats with Dialga which makes this new Legendary one of the most powerful mons in Pokemon GO. Sadly, the Defense and HP don’t give Reshiram the staying power it needs to excel in PvP battles.

But Reshiram’s ridiculously high attack will make it a fantastic pick for any future Raids against Grass-, Bug-, Steel-, and maybe some Dragons-types. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Reshiram on a list of counters for the Zekrom or Kyurem Raid guides. Here are Reshiram’s stats:

Attack 275
Defense 211
HP 205

That’s all there is to know about Reshiram’s Raid guide, counters, stats, and more in Pokemon GO. Don’t forget to check out our Pokemon GO Wiki Guide if you liked this Reshiram Raid guide. If you want to catch up on the latest Pokemon GO news, then check out the related articles below to learn more.

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