Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone – How to Beat the Wraith From the Painting

Beautiful painting, ugly wraith.

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you fought literally hundreds of wraiths throughout the adventure. Every now and then you fought a special one, such as the Noonwraiths or Red Jenny. But Hearts of Stone throws one into the mix that is very different and all the more creepy because of this.

During the Hearts of Stone main quest, Scenes From a Marriage, players will come across a spirit shouting at them from within paintings scattered around the house. As you slowly make your way through, this spirit will throw things at you, open doors, and try to pretty much scare the heck out of you. Continue to the upstairs area where things take a turn for the weird and you’re forced to finally face this angry spirit.

The battle with the Wraith From the Painting is not too difficult as long as you know what to expect. Once you enter the hallway where the fight takes place, it will twist into a sort of nightmarish scene. The wraith, clad in a black gown and veil, will appear in the closed-off area that you’ve found yourself trapped in. There are several paintings in this room that you need to be aware of during the battle.

The Wraith From the Painting is still just a wraith, so Specter Oil and Yrden will serve you well in dishing out the damage and keeping it pinned down. What separates this particular spirit from the others you’ve dealt with is the ability it uses when you’ve done quite a bit of damage. One of the paintings in the hallway will start to grow green. Geralt must get to that painting as quickly as possible and destroy it before the Wraith gets near it.

If the wraith is in close proximity, the painting will slowly heal her. Give her enough time and she’ll actually jump into the painting completely healing all of the damage you’ve already dished out and dragging on the fight. She is very fast, so you’ll have to ignore her for the few seconds it takes to deactivate the painting.

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What works in your favor is that she isn’t exceptionally strong. She’s quick, yes, but her method is to wear you down. If you allow her to keep healing herself, you’ll be out of healing items, potions, and weapon durability. So keep close as you whittle her health down, then rush for the paintings as soon as you see green on your screen.

A bit of perseverance and a keen eye will lead you to victory in no time at all. Strike her down and continue on your merry way to complete Olgeird’s third wish.

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