WWI Shooter Tannenberg is Releasing on Consoles This Month

tannenberg, console release

Tannenberg, the follow up to the popular WWI shooter Verdun from developers M2H and Blackmill Games, will see a release on PS4 and Xbox One on July 24. You can check out the most recent trailer celebrating the announcement of the console versions below.

Tannenberg takes place on the Eastern Front as opposed to the Western Front of Verdun. For the non history buffs reading this, an Eastern Front themed game means that instead of composition of American, French, and Brits, you’ll be able to play from the perspective of Russian, Roumanian, Latvian, Austro-Hungarian, Bulgarian and of course German soldiers, in Tanneberg.

The console release of Tannenberg will contain a new map, Przemyśl, which is featured in the trailer above.

While Battlefield 1 got a lot of the glory for bringing WWI into the spotlight, Verdun actually did it first back in 2015 and the series has continued to stay in the time period.

If you’re interested in a more authentic WWI shooter that’s a bit different from the mainstream shooters, do a little research on Verdun and Tannenberg and see if it might be for you.

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