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Watch Dogs Legion’s Performance Mode Patch for Consoles Is Coming in June

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Watch Dogs Legion’s Performance Mode Patch for Consoles Is Coming in June

It’s been about half a year since the release of Watch Dogs Legion, and the development team has been supporting the game with consistent patches and updates. One of the most highly requested features for the game is some sort of Performance Mode for consoles, where players would be able to fiddle with the settings and prioritize framerate over resolution while playing.

The Performance Mode addition was originally planned for a patch in late May, but Ubisoft has stated that the patch will be coming on June 1 instead.

“Our next big patch for all platforms will be TU 4.5, which we’re aiming to deploy on June 1st. While we initially planned to release it in late May, we want to make sure that the different teams working on separate pieces of content have the time they need to create the best game experiences possible.
This extra time will also allow us to fix bugs found in TU 4.0, as well as add some more Quality of Life improvements. We’re happy to let you know that 60 FPS, or “performance mode”, is coming to consoles with TU 4.5. We’re also adding the ability for you to play with friends on the same console family; Xbox One players with Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 4 players with PlayStation 5.
With this approach we have decided to move both Invasion and Extraction PVP modes to our August update. We want to invest more time into solid public & private matchmaking, as it’s key for us to provide you with a smooth, enjoyable PvP experience.”


With TU 4.5 getting a slight delay, the Invasion and Extraction PvP modes have also been pushed back to August, giving the team more time to iron out any possible glitches or issues that might arise.

Watch Dogs Legion is now available on PC and consoles.

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