Squid Game Becoming Reality TV Series With Record-Breaking Prize

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Squid Game Getting Reality TV Series With Record Breaking Prize

Since the late 2021 premiere of Squid Game, the series has taken pop culture by storm. Between YouTubers latching onto the idea and celebrities hosting themed parties, there seems to be no corner Squid Game hasn’t touched. While very recently Netflix officially announced it was greenlighting a Squid Game second season, it seems that doesn’t fulfill all they want out of the property.

Reporting by The Hollywood Reporter says Netflix made the announcement for Squid Game: The Challenge at the Banff World Media Festival. The show will have a staggering 456 contestants all competing for a prize of $4,560,000. The show, or at least this first season, will be comprised of ten episodes.

Netflix has even released a trailer that you can see below to accompany this announcement.

You can currently sign-up to be considered to be part of Squid Game: The Challenge at the Squid Game Casting site. Though, to be able to take part you must be able to speak and understand English. This is a strange request considering that the original show is set in Korea and only dubbed in English. However, that is the only stipulation, as casting sign-ups are available for anyone around the world.

It seems that Squid Game has some strong current competition for most watched Netflix show. Part one of Stranger Things season four is definitely gaining some traction while being seemingly everywhere on social media currently.

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