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New World’s Server Transfers Get Paused as Devs Patch Out New Gold Dupe Exploit

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New World’s Server Transfers Get Paused as Devs Patch Out New Gold Dupe Exploit

The server transfer drama of New World will never end, it seems. After player backlash regarding the lack of cross-region transfers, Amazon promised that the team would look into a solution. Then, intra-region transfers rolled out. However, a new issue has arisen as it looks like players have figured out a way to duplicate gold by making use of the server transfer feature.

This can be extremely harmful to the economy as New World is already experiencing a deflating economy where the value of gold is very high. As Amazon works on patching out the gold exploit and rolling back any duped gold on players who abused the system, however, it looks like it isn’t only the cheaters who are getting affected.

Other players have reported being affected by the bug, as some have made quest and loot progress on their character, logged out and back in again only to find that they’ve been rolled back, losing progress as a result. What’s most frustrating is that the server transfer feature has been disabled as the devs work on patching the exploit, which only means an even longer delay for those who were hoping to transfer over to another server to play with friends.

It’s kind of a mess overall, but hopefully things will settle down again once the patch has been deployed. New World is now available on PC.

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