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New Four Episode Naruto Anime Series Releases Later This Year

New Four Episode Naruto Series Releases Later This Year
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New Four Episode Naruto Anime Series Releases Later This Year

Believe it!

Naruto fans rejoice: A new limited-run series tied to the property is set to premiere later this year.

The news broke via a post made to the official Naruto website on Mar. 9. In addition to verifying that the Boruto anime series will end its first part with the release of episode 293, it also confirmed that a new anime series related to Naruto is in production and will air in September of this year. Four episodes are currently planned for the series, though it’s unknown exactly how long these episodes will be.

It’s likewise unknown who the series will focus on, or even what the overall plot of the four episodes will be. They could be centered around a specific character or group of characters overcoming an adversary or obstacle; or, they could all be centered around different characters and follow different storylines.

It’s all still very unclear, and will likely remain that way until the release date of the new series draws closer. Any news or information about the limited-run project will almost certainly come through the franchise’s official website.

This new series’ announcement comes alongside several other big developments which are tied to Naruto’s 20th anniversary. Key among them is the Naruto Top 99 poll, which saw fans from all over the world vote on which character they’d like to see focused on in a new spin-off manga. The poll closed early last month, and while the winner still hasn’t been announced, the Fourth Hokage Minato Kazikage was in the lead in the final weeks of the event.

The Naruto anime series can currently be streamed through Crunchyroll, and its manga can be read via the official Shonen Jump app. For more on the series, we’ve got plenty of related articles down below.

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