Life Simulator Paralives Reveals Its First Parafolk


The indie life simulator Paralives is all about managing the lives of its Parafolks both in their home and out on the town. Today, you get to meet the first Parafolk, Maggie.

Revealed today, Maggie shows off her gorgeous loft and the customizability of the Parafolks, from size to outfit to hair color.

Paralives is also about customizing your dream home, and players aren’t limited to a grid system. You can use the in-game measuring tape to find exact dimensions, fully customize the textures and object colors, all to treat Parafolks like Maggie.

Don’t worry, aside from Parafolks, the game will also feature dogs, cats, and horses. While not part of the initial release, Paralives also plans to include jobs and schools as well as the supernatural and occult.

Check out the reveal below:

Paralives is entirely funded by Patreon, ith close to $10,000 a month coming in from more than 6,000 patrons. It is currently the 72nd most wishlisted game on Steam.

Paralives does not have a set release date yet, but will be releasing for PC.

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