Henry Cavill Confirms Return to Superman

Henry Cavill Confirms His Return as Superman

Through his personal Instagram account, Henry Cavill comfirms he is returning as Superman.

After years of speculation and drama, actor Henry Cavill confirmed through his Instagram account that he is officially returning to his role as the DCEU’s Superman.

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***The following article contains spoilers for Black Adam, so read on at your own risk***

On his Instagram this morning, Cavill finally spoke up regarding his status as Superman, confirming his return as the Man of Steel and thanking the fans for their support, waiting until now to give people a chance to see Black Adam. He states, “I wanted to make it official, I am back as Superman,” and adds, “It is a very small taste of what’s to come.”

The last time Henry Cavill donned the cape and iconic “S” was in 2017’s much-maligned and later controversial Justice League. He did not return for reshoots for Zack Snyder’s Justice League directors cut for HBO or even for the Shazam end credit scenes leaving many wondering if he would ever don the cape again; until the release of Black Adam over the weekend.

In the end credit scene for Black Adam, a glimpse of Suicide Squad’s Amanda Waller in a video call to Black Adam, warning him not to leave Kahndaq. Black Adam states, “There’s no one on this planet that can stop me,” to which Waller replies she can “send people who aren’t from this planet.” Black Adam proceeds to destroy the screen and from the smoke emerges a familiar figure, Cavill’s Superman, who says, “Black Adam, we should talk.”

Dwayne Johnson had plenty to say about Cavill, going as far as to say to Entertainment Weekly about Cavill’s anticipated return, “I will say this: Welcome home,” and added, “So what you see at the end of the movie, that everyone is already losing their minds over, that’s a reflection of listening to the fans, and that’s also a reflection of building to something big.” The end credit scene was important enough to leak before the film’s release. But up until today, Cavill had not said anything about it.

Warner Bros. has made no official statement or announcement about Cavill’s return to the role or if it is a sequel to Man of Steel or another film. Black Adam is currently playing in theaters worldwide.

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