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Fallout 76 Players Aren’t Sold on the New Season’s Rewards

Live like Jason Voorhees!

The latest major expansion in Fallout 76, entitled Skyline Valley, is finally out now. While previous seasons have consistently added new quests, weapons, and NPCs to the game, it’s the first time the Appalachian wasteland has been expanded. Yet while the new map area provides plenty of new land to explore, some players are dissatisfied with the rewards they get for doing so.

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Are Fallout 76’s Season 17 Rewards Up to Scratch?

Over on the Fallout 76 subreddit, fans are debating whether or not the new scoreboard rewards are worth the grind. That’s not due to how much effort it requires to unlock them – in fact, some are repeatable – but due to their seemingly juvenile design.

“I don’t want to sleep in a racecar bed beneath a wall of toys. I would like to be an adult surviving and rebuilding a post-apocalyptic world,” says user Grindstone_Cowboy. The Season 17 rewards are all geared around a fictionalized summer camp, with the teenage aesthetic polarizing some players.

That said, a large amount of the community likes this light-hearted and fitting seasonal theme. User MikeConleyIsLegend says “[I] think a summer camp/lake theme for a summer season at the same time as a national park map expansion is very fitting,” with items like oars, picnic baskets, and even hockey masks appearing. Yes, the Friday the 13th inspiration isn’t subtle this season!

Skyline Valley rewards in Fallout 76.
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For those not thrilled with the new cosmetics, there isn’t too long to wait for a fresh theme. As per the game’s Skyline Valley roadmap, in July all the new content will focus on a summery barbecue theme, so there could be new cosmetics there to make up for it.

Whether or not you’re digging the slightly wackier tone of Season 17’s cosmetics, there’s plenty of new content to check out in Fallout 76. From a new railway rifle called Ticket to Revenge and a whole new region to explore packed with quests, Bethesda’s MMO has never looked livelier.

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