F-Zero 99 Is Getting 5 New Circuits in an Update This Week

This is the first of two updates coming to the game.

f zero 99 circuit update queen league

The high-octane racing adventure of F-Zero 99 shifts into a higher gear with a new update rolling out this week. Five brand-new circuits are coming, adding a fresh layer of competition and excitement for players.

In the normal F-Zero 99 mode, racers will be able to navigate through three additional circuits:

  • Mute City II
  • Port Town I
  • Red Canyon I

These new circuits will provide an arena for players to test their skill, each offering unique layouts and challenges. The aesthetic appeal and the distinct features of each circuit are likely to provide a thrilling racing experience.

For the daring speedsters, the Pro Tracks events will unlock two more circuits:

  • White Land II
  • Death Wind II

These circuits test the limits of even the most skilled racers. The intricate design and high-speed avenues of these tracks offer more of a challenging test in which you are more likely to be KO’d.

The Queen League will also debut in this update. This league will further spice up the Grand Prix events, adding a high-stakes competitive edge.

This update will release on September 29 in Japan, so players in North America can expect their game to update on Thursday evening.

This is just the first update to F-Zero 99 with a second update coming in mid-October, in which the King League will be added.

Nintendo Switch Online members can download and play F-Zero 99 at no additional cost.

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