Eugene Cordero Reportedly Returning as a Regular for Loki Season 2

Eugene Cordero is reportedly returning for Loki season two.

Earlier today, it was reported by Rosy Cordero at Deadline that Eugene Cordero will reprise his role as TVA Agent Casey in season two of the mind-bending Marvel TV show, Loki. According to Deadline, Casey will also appear more often in this second season tieh them officially referring to Cordero as a regular.

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It’s worth noting in the article that it was mentioned that they reached out to Marvel for comment, but that they declined to make a statement. That response makes sense considering the fact that Cordero returning a regular for season two hasn’t been officially announced by Marvel Studios or anyone at Disney.

While a return like this is certainly believable, there’s no way we can officially confirm the claim. This certainly could happen considering Cordero’s past involvement in the first season of Loki. Still, nothing is official until Marvel announces it or until Casey is seen in an episode of the second season.

It’s still not known when Loki season two will debut on Disney+. The best Marvel gave fans was a time frame of Summer 2023 at their San Diego Comic-Con panel a few months ago. It has already been well-documented that filming for the second season took place over the past Summer. A short clip was even shown off to people attending D23 a few weeks back.

Until anything official is announced for Loki season two, the first season is available in its entirety on Disney+. Once you finish that up, then you can check out our Loki trivia quiz to test your knowledge of the show.

Featured Image Source: Marvel Studios/Disney+

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