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A Christopher Nolan Historical Epic Has Battled Its Way to the Top of the Streaming Charts

Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk
Image Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

A Christopher Nolan Historical Epic Has Battled Its Way to the Top of the Streaming Charts

We’re not in Kansas anymore. 

Elvis and Black Adam have been exchanging the lead in HBO’s Streaming Charts for months. Not anymore, as this Christopher Nolan film has just won the ferocious battle for the top spot. Per Flix Patrol, Dunkirk is now at the top.

It looks like an epic film with multiple lead characters and stories during World War II is what the world is craving. Dunkirk is also in the most-watched Top 3 in countries such as the United States, Belgium, and Panama, and it’s number 1 in the United Kingdom.

Dunkirk is about the historical evacuation that happened there during World War II. The film shows different soldiers trying to leave and those who can help them from the perspectives of the land, the sea, and the air, intersecting all those stories together.

The film was a great success at the box office, earning $525 million worldwide, making it the highest-grossing World War II film ever (not adjusting for inflation). If that wasn’t enough, many critics called it Nolan’s best film, and it received eight Academy Award Nominations, winning three. The film also has a great score on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 92% critic score and an 81% audience score. 

Cristopher Nolan’s 10th film starred Fionn Whitehead (Black Mirror: Bandersnatch), Barry Keoghan (The Batman), Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies), Tom Hardy (Venom), Kenneth Branagh (Tenet), and in his first film role ever, Harry Styles.

You can watch Dunkirk on HBO, and if you do so, tell us what you think about the film in the comments below.

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