Marvel Snap

Expect to See More Mr. Negative Decks With Marvel Snap’s Latest Featured Location, The Peak

Negative mains rise up.

Another week, another brand new location gets introduced in Marvel Snap. This comes right off the heels of the latest balance patch, which saw a rather questionable nerf to Mr. Negative, who had been dominating the meta before then.

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Negative got nerfed from a 4-cost, 4-power card to a 4-cost, 1-power card. With the new Featured Location, though, that’s not gonna matter. The new location is called The Peak, and it reverses the cost and power of all the cards in your hand. Ironically, this makes Mr. Negative even more powerful if you already have him in hand, giving players the potential to play him on turn one.

Needless to say, Negative decks are going to get a lot more popular over the next couple of days, as the location encourages players to pack in high cost and low power cards to play around The Peak. There are plenty of cards that can benefit from this effect, but Mr. Negative will likely have the upper hand.

Marvel Snap is set to launch globally on Oct. 18 for PC and mobile devices.

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