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WWE 2K18: How to Get Out of the Ring


WWE 2K18: How to Get Out of the Ring

How to Get Out of the Ring in WWE 2K18

With this year’s iteration of the hugely popular 2K wrestling franchise, WWE 2K18, out now, fans of the games will be looking to master the tactics that allow them to beat every opponent that they come face to face with. One of those vital tactics is knowing how and when to get out of the ring because it can take advantage of a particular superstar’s strengths, or an opponent’s weakness.

Thankfully, making your superstar get in and out of the ring is quite simple in WWE 2K18. All you need to do is walk over to the ropes at the side of the ring and press L1/LB. That should prompt your character to make his way through the ropes and into the area surrounding the ring.

The same input works for getting back into the ring as well. Making use of the ring’s surroundings, and the rules of the particular fight, are important when trying to become a successful wrestler in WWE 2K18, and getting in and out of the ring is obviously a huge part of that. Getting out of the ring and fighting other superstars can also make some match-ups more exciting, especially if there are more than two wrestlers in the ring at the beginning, so be sure to make the most of it in-game.

That is how you get out of the ring in WWE 2K18. For more help with the game, check back with Twinfinite.

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