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World of Warcraft (WOW) Timeless Isle: How to Get to Timeless Isle


World of Warcraft (WOW) Timeless Isle: How to Get to Timeless Isle

How to Get to Timeless Isle in World of Warcraft

Timeless Isle was introduced in patch 5.4 for World of Warcraft. This patch mainly focused on the new raid Siege of Orgrimmar, it also brought players a new area to explore known as the Timeless Isle. Here’s everything you need to know to get to Timeless Isle in World of Warcraft.

In the lore of World of Warcraft the island used to be home of the trials of wisdom, strength, hope and fortitude, but one day the island disappeared and never returned, until now.

How do you get to the Timeless Isle though? Well for one, you can fly to the island from the Jade Forest. Just head southeast and you will eventually hit the island. You will have to fly over open waters that will cause the fatigue meter to show up, but don’t worry because you will make it to the island before the meter runs out.

Flying isn’t the only option to get to Timeless Isle, though. If you have a mount that can walk on water such as the Azure Water Strider you can reach the Timeless Isle this way. To do so, go to the southeast tip of the Jade Forest and head east. You will be able to see the Timeless Isle on your map in World of Warcraft. Just follow in that direction until you have arrived.

If you aren’t able to fly and don’t have a water mount there is another way to reach Timeless Isle. If you head up to the top of Mogu’Shan Palace, you can speak to the archaeologists there who will send you to the island. Once you’re there you can pick up the flight path to the island which will allow you to return via any flight master in Pandaria. New flight paths are marked with a green exclamation point on your mini map. Simply speak to them and they will unlock the next flight path for you.

If your playing with a mage they can summon a portal to the Timeless Isle for you if they have been there previously. This method is a little more involved and you have to rely on another player to help you out, but it’s just one more option for getting to the island.

Once you’ve made it to the Timeless Isle in World of Warcraft you’ll be able to either grab the flight path mentioned earlier, or find the inn on the northwest rim of the Celestial Court. Once there you can set your hearthstone to teleport you there whenever you activate it. This is great for making a quick return to the island once every 30 minutes.

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