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Why Does the Funeral Procession Say Sky and Stone in Star Wars Andor? Answered

Ferrix is held together by tradition.

Maarva’s funeral was quite the scene in the Andor finale, full of emotion and conflict. One lingering question you may have is about the chant of the funeralgoers and what it means, so here’s everything you need to know about why the funeral procession says sky and stone in Star Wars Andor.

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Why Does Maarva’s Funeral Procession Say Sky and and Stone in Star Wars Andor?

“Sky and stone” is a traditional funeral chant on Ferrix, that fits with the somber music and slow walking pace. Although its meaning wasn’t explicitly revealed in the show, sky likely represents life and stone likely represents death; manifesting itself through the brick created from Maarva’s ashes.

Ferrix has certainly developed strong traditions to honor those who came before them and those who died fighting to preserve their hardy way of life.

As sad as her funeral was, it tied together the storylines of Andor to form a natural conclusion: Dedra Meero and Syril Karn both came to capture Cassian, while Luthen, Cinta and Vel worked together to kill Cassian upon his capture. Cassian eludes the ISB and confronts Luthen with an offer to join the Rebellion, and he once again leaves Ferrix aboard the Fondor.

That’s everything we have on why Maarva’s funeral procession says sky and stone in Star Wars Andor. Check out some of our other Andor content like Maarva’s cause of death, this Luthen theory, and who Davo Sculdun is.

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