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Who Is Lonni Jung in Andor? Star Wars Explained

Learn about the mysterious mole supporting the rebel cause in Star Wars Andor.

In the backdrop of political espionage in Andor, it can be hard to decipher who is on whose side. The rebellion is fraught with deception and double crossing as much as the Imperial Security Bureau is. The final moments of episode 10’s “One Way Out” teased another player in the game of spies and secrecy. But who is Lonni Jung? Here’s everything we know so far about the mole on the inside.

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Lonni Jung’s Identity in Andor Revealed

Lonni Jung is a rebel feeding information to the rebellion from deep undercover in the ISB. His identity as an informant was only made clear at the close of Episode 10, “One Way Out,” and details about his position and history are as murky as the rebellion’s inner workings.

Breadcrumbs of Lonni’s (Robert Emms) duplicitous nature are sprinkled throughout season one. He made his first appearance in Episode 4, in which he had a curious reaction in an ISB meeting where news of the botched operation on Ferrix comes forth. Lonni betrays a face of concern again in Episode 6 when massive security and enforcement restructuring is announced alongside the Public Order Resentencing Decree.

It is also intimated that Lonni’s role inside the ISB is not limited to passively funneling information. In Episode 7, he is reprimanded by Major Partagaz (Anton Lesser) for his sector’s poor security performance in relation to his peers,’ indicating he may be actively dragging his feet for rebellion benefit. In Episode 9, Lonni arrives frazzled and late to a meeting and explains his tardiness by having been “off site,” giving no further elaboration for his curious absence. In Episode 10, it is Lonni who suggests the ISB board a dead rebel pilot’s staged ship in order to quell suspicion from the rebellion. Lonni is more than just a source of information. He is an active agent subtly moving pieces in favor of the rebel cause.

Later in Episode 10, during his secret rendezvous with Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgard), it is revealed that Lonni has been a plant inside the ISB for six years, working his way up to the same rank as the budding nemesis Dedra Meero (Denise Gough). Lonni’s angst and waning conviction to his role are not the result of duress, but of the birth of his daughter and his new role as a father (and all the paternal instincts that follow).

In the closing moments of Episode 10, Luthen admits to thinking about Lonni all the time, and the great need for heroes like him on the rebel side. While it is unclear what lies ahead for the spy on the inside, he surely has an important role to play as part of Luthen’s web of deception and information in the battles to come.

With the mystery of who is Lonni Jung resolved, look for more answers to your burning Andor questions like whether Kino Loy escapes the prison, and who Luthen Rael is.

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