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Who Is Ellie’s Father in HBO’s The Last of Us?

It's Joel, duh.

The idea of parentage isn’t very commonplace in The Last of Us’s universe, especially since the survival rate in a post-apocalyptic world is so low. However, since we got a glimpse of Anna in the season finale, if you’re wondering who Ellie’s father is in HBO’s The Last of Us, here’s what we know.

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Do We Find Out Who Ellie’s Father Is in HBO’s The Last of Us?

Unfortunately, no. We do not ever learn about the identity of Ellie’s father in HBO’s The Last of Us, and he’s never brought up in the game, either.

And really, that’s because it doesn’t really matter. For all intents and purposes, Joel is Ellie‘s father in the story. We may not ever learn who her biological father is, but Joel essentially claims her as his own daughter over the course of the story. As their relationship develops throughout the season, he really only comes to terms with their father-daughter dynamic in episode 8, when he finds her after the encounter with David.

Joel refers to has as “baby girl”, which is a pet name he had previously only reserved for Sarah.

Outside of that, Ellie’s biological father is never mentioned at all, though considering that Anna was part of the Fireflies, her dad was probably involved with the organization as well.

That’s all you need to know about who Ellie’s father is in HBO’s The Last of Us. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more news and information on the show.

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