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Where to Turn In Masterpieces in Lost Ark, Explained

Turn your Masterpieces into rewards!

Masterpieces are essential collectible items in Lost Ark. You can find them worldwide and obtain some of them through quests, dungeons, and many other activities in-game. But upon collecting them, what’s their use, and where do you go to turn Lost Ark Masterpieces in?  This article will tackle where to exchange Masterpieces to unlock rewards and what rewards await you.

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Where to Exchange Masterpieces for Rewards in Lost Ark

Map Location of Sunflower Island in Lost Ark
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Exchanging Masterpieces is straightforward. You only have to find Sunflower Island and speak to an NPC named Alfonso. From there, you can trade in your masterpieces for rewards which have a threshold for how many items you need to exchange to get to the following loot in Lost Ark.

Here’s how you can exchange your masterpieces for rewards:

  1. Get to Sunflower Island.
  2. Talk to Alfonso.
  3. Finish the following quests from Alfonso
    • House Vediche
    • Hotter Than the Sun
    • Love of My Life
    • Artist in Residence
  4. After finishing all of the quests, you’ll be able to exchange Masterpieces for rewards.

Complete List of Rewards for Exchanging Masterpieces in Lost Ark

The game will reward you handsomely for turning in Masterpieces, much like how it rewards players in other aspects. Here’s a complete list of rewards that you’ll be able to acquire:

Number of Masterpieces RequiredReward
2Soul Leaf (30)
4Proud (Emote)
6Uncommon Card Pack (3)
8Vitality Increase Potion
10Sunflower Island Soul
12Eternity Essence (20)
14Stat Increase Potion
16Rare Card Pack (3)
18Structure: Azure Hill
20Artist’s Treasure Chest
22Creation Fragment (15)
26Epic Card
28Structure: By Lantern’s Light
30Artist’s Treasure Chest
32Menelik’s Tome (10)
34Artist’s Treasure Chest
36Wei Card
38Artist’s Treasure Chest
40Art Aficionado (Title)
42Structure: Divine Protection
46Guardian Luen Card
48Greatest Masterpiece of a Lifetime

Lost Ark rewards players generously with the time they spend collecting these Masterpieces, especially the Sunflower Island Soul. Players can then exchange this Island Soul at a statue in Opher, the Lonely Island.

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