Fallen meteorite in Palworld
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Where to Get Meteorite Fragments in Palworld & How to Use Them

How to get this cosmic crafting material!

There’s an incredibly abundant variety of crafting materials for players to make use of in Palworld, and one of the most mysterious among them is Meteorite Fragments. If you’re wondering exactly what these are for, here’s our handy guide for where to get Meteorite Fragments in Palworld and how to use them.

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How to Find Meteorite Fragments in Palworld

Meteorite alert in Palworld
Image Source: Pocketpair via Twinfinite

If you’re in search of Meteorite Fragments, you won’t exactly be able to find them lying around anywhere on the game’s map. Rather, to get this unique crafting material you’ll have to wait for a random event that notifies you of a crashing meteor nearby. Similar to a raid alert, a red text will flash on your screen that reads “Meteorite descent in progress” (as seen above) followed by the sound of something plummeting to the ground.

Look for the meteor symbol on your compass HUD to pinpoint its location. As soon as the meteor lands, a Selyne Pal will surprisingly appear alongside it. However, it gets immediately swarmed by powerful human grunt enemies.

You do have the (rare) opportunity to capture this Selyne, but you have to be exceptionally quick in getting there before the grunts gun it down, and preferably have Ultimate Spheres available to improve your odds.

Whether you get the Selyne or not, your primary objective is the Meteorite itself. Make sure you have a high-grade pickaxe in your inventory, and make your way to it once the grunts have been dealt with. Mine the meteorite like any other boulder until it’s gone and you’ll receive 50-60 Meteorite Fragments as a reward.

How to Use Meteorite Fragments in Palworld

Meteor Launcher weapon in Palworld
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Given the unique source of this material, it may seem difficult to figure out how to use it, but luckily all you have to do is look to your Technology Menu. At Level 37 you should see a Meteor Launcher in the Ancient Technology tab, and if you have points to throw around you can unlock it.

This weapon requires a Weapon Assembly Line II to build, along with the following materials:

  • 100 x Meteorite Fragments
  • 30 x Refined Ingots
  • 20 x Paldium Fragments

Certainly not the most difficult recipe, provided you’ve got enough Meteorite Fragments from at least two of those random events. The weapon itself is substantially powerful, but the caveat is that the ammo it uses (Meteorite Bullets) is also derived from Meteorite Fragments. So you’ll need to make sure you have some extra fragments on hand to load up your launcher. The blueprint for the ammo automatically unlocks in tandem with the one for the Meteor Launcher weapon.

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