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When Mass Effect Andromeda Takes Place


When Mass Effect Andromeda Takes Place

When Mass Effect Andromeda Takes Place

Mass Effect Andromeda is an entirely new step for BioWare’s space franchise, and as such, it sets off for a completely new place and time. So when exactly does Andromeda take place?

The answer is technically split between two separate times and places. The story begins in 2185, between the second and third games of the original trilogy. Fearing the Reaper threat, the Council decides to send arks carrying thousands of colonists to the Andromeda galaxy, where they will (hopefully not have to) act as the last remnants of their species.

We begin the game in the year 2819, 634 years after the human-filled Ark Hyperion took flight. The ship has arrived in the Andromeda galaxy, light years away from our own Milky Way. Now, way in the future and far from home, the protagonists must establish a home under the guidance of you, the Pathfinder. Of course, colonization doesn’t turn out so peachy, and you’ll soon be facing an all new alien threat and acclimating to an entirely new world.

And that’s when Mass Effect Andromeda takes place. Let us know how you’re enjoying the game in the comments below, and for more guides, tips, and general info, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.


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