When Is Bleach The Thousand Year Blood War Anime Coming Out? Answered

When is Bleach The Thousand Year Blood War Anime Coming Out? Answered

Unsure of when the Bleach The Thousand Year Blood War anime is coming out? Worry noy. We've got you covered with this guide.

It’s still hard to believe, but the Bleach anime is finally returning to adapt the Thousand Year Blood war arc of the manga. Not only that, but it’s looking to have benefited fully from its hiatus, offering stellar animation and improvements to the story flow seen in the original source material. If you’re like most other fans though, all of these pluses have been held up by one burning question: When is the Bleach The Thousand Year Blood War arc anime coming out? Fortunately, we’ve got an answer for you.

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When Does the Bleach The Thousand Year Blood War Anime Come Out? Answered

As the anime’s initial reveal trailer revealed, the Bleach The Thousand Year Blood War anime is set to begin airing in October.

In one of the most recent trailers for the show though, it was revealed that the first episode of the series will premiere on Oct. 10. The story will pick up directly after the events of the original anime’s last arc, and will kick off with the conflict between the Soul Society and the thought-to-be extinct Quincies in a war for the fate of the living and dead realms.

Ichigo and his friends will once again play a central role, with Ichigo in particular acting as a central motivator and instigator for key portions of the story. We’ll hold off from mentioning any specifics though, as the trailers have made a point of not revealing too much about the arc’s characters and story for the sake of newcomers to the story.

Where Can You Watch The Thousand Year Blood War Anime?

As for where you can watch Bleach The Thousand Year Blood War anime, it’s still up in the air.

While the series is set to air via TV Tokyo in Japan, its still unclear where it will be viewable from in the West. Rumors have circulated that Disney may have snagged the rights to the show, but none of them have been confirmed or denied at this time.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for any news on this matter, and will update this guide accordingly as soon as we can.

Hopefully this cleared up when the Bleach The Thousand Year Blood War anime is coming out. For more on the series, check out any of the related articles down below. We’ve also got a ton of other anime-related content you can peruse, including lists of the best anime OPs and the best anime villains.

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