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What Is QSMP in Minecraft? Explained

Enter the new era of Minecraft.

While exploring forums and social media accounts, you may have come across a newly released server from the notable Twitch streamer, Quackity. But, you may wonder, what is QSMP in Minecraft? Here’s everything you need to know about this latest debut for the crafting community.

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Minecraft QSMP Server, Explained

Quackity’s newest project QSMP is the first-ever bilingual Minecraft Survival multiplayer server, intertwining the cultures between English and Spanish speakers. Content creators will need to work together to endure in the dangerous land of the Minecraft Overworld, despite any language barriers. As the host of QSMP, Quackity has expressed his excitement in the recent live stream of Day 1, where he states, “To me, communication between two languages, which in this case is English and Spanish, is a very important concept to me… to bring this into the community in this way is something I wanted to do for a long time.”

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The streamer continues to provide details about the server’s roadmap, including its long-term duration and upcoming changes in future updates. Members are also gradually added to the team as time progresses, from WilburSoot to El Mariana to BadBoyHalo. Given that it is a bilingual server, you can expect to hear a combination of languages as Quackity translates for English and Spanish speakers.

You can follow the chaotic adventures of the QSMP server on Quackity’s Twitch channel, where all the players take a trip down to Quesadilla island. While there, the streamers must uncover the base’s secrets by solving puzzles, utilizing the game’s various blocks, and taking down a mysterious enemy.

That does it for our explanation on Minecraft’s QSMP sever. Before you go, be sure to explore the relevant links below, including the latest news of the Trails & Tales Update.

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