Denji running from the Eternity Devil in Chainsaw Man

What Is the Eternity Devil in Chainsaw Man? Explained

Answers to all your questions about the Eternity Devil in Chainsaw Man.

When Denji and the team from Special Division 4 arrive at a hotel for what they believe is a routine call, they quickly realize the creature lurking in the halls is anything but normal. Episode 6 centered around the group trying to find a way to escape the clutches of the monstrosity that is keeping them suspended in time and space on floor 8. But what is the Eternity Devil? We’ve got the answers here.

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The Eternity Devil’s True Nature in Chainsaw Man

As its name suggests, the Eternity Devil is an amorphous monstrosity with the ability to manipulate time and reality. Its physical form is a hideous mass of human heads and limbs that can expand to infinite proportions, but at its core, it is merely a strand of flesh in the shape of an infinity sign (or an 8, appropriate for the floor in which it dwells.

At the close of Episode 5, the group recognizes something strange is happening in the hotel, as all the stairs lead back to one another in a sort of M. C. Escher mind warp. They soon realize that time has stopped, and every door and window leads back to the same hallway and set of rooms. They are trapped, seemingly forever, in the Eternity Devil’s endless loop unless they give him Denji as he commands.

The monstrosity on floor 8 feeds on the fear and grows larger as Kobeni and Arai panic once they accept the grimness of their predicament. Denji, however, recognizes that the Eternity Devil is afraid of his chainsaws and the pain they can inflict and throws himself into the creature’s cavernous mouth to save himself and the stranded crew.

Why Did the Eternity Devil Give Up in Chainsaw Man? Answered

Denji’s relentless, unhinged attacks, supplemented by endless healing courtesy of the Eternity Devil’s blood, eventually wear down the captor. The Devil begs for mercy from the unending onslaught, and with a final slice to the heart, Denji kills the Eternity Devil and releases the group from their perpetual prison on floor 8. The hunters – bloodied, hungry, and exhausted – leave the hotel with another bullet chunk for the collection and another dangerous devil slain.

That is everything you need to know about what Chainsaw Man’s Eternity Devil really is. Read more answers to your Chainsaw Man questions with content like what is a fiend, does Denji fight the Gun Devil, and why does the Eternity Devil want Denji in the first place.

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