Valorant Console Launch: What We Know So Far About PlayStation & Xbox Release

What you need to know about the Valorant console launch everyone is talking about.

Valorant has fast become one of the most popular FPS games in the world. It’s enjoyed by a thriving community and a blossoming esports scene that is entirely on PC. But what about other platforms? We know a mobile launch is coming, and now it seems as though a console launch might be on the way too. Here’s what we know so far about a Valorant console launch and potential PlayStation and Xbox One release.

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Valorant Console Version Explained

Valorant has only been available on PC up until now, which probably won’t be news to you. What you might not know, though, is that in addition to a mobile version that is currently in beta testing there is also a potential console release on the horizon.

Riot Games has always been clear that while its priority was PC, other versions were in development.

Last year, an interview with Valorant lead designer Trevor Romleski conducted by TimTheTatMan’s Twitch channel confirmed this:

“Our (Riot Games’) focus right now is on PC. We’re open to exploring new opportunities for other platforms, but for the time being what our current focus is, is on the PC platform.”

Not exactly concrete evidence of a console version. But there’s more. Recently, in February of 2022, Riot Games has been advertising a Valorant job opportunity:

Valorant PlayStation & Xbox Release Date

There’s been renewed interest in a console Valorant launch we’ve seen rippling across the internet even more recently, with the game’s player base seemingly keen for news on the matter. There is, unfortunately, no solid information on a release date, but according to well-known leaker ValorLeaks it’s set to come after the mobile launch.

As for when that is; well, there’s no concrete launch for mobile either, but it is expected in 2023. So, console launch in 2024? That seems about as early as we’d guess.

Of course, we’ll have more for you just as soon as we hear of anything. Until then, that’s everything we know so far about a Valorant console launch and potential PlayStation and Xbox One release.

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