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Valorant Console Beta End Date

Hop into the Valorant console closed beta before it ends

Valorant has finally entered the final stages of its grand debut on consoles and with that, the beta will be coming to an end soon. The beta was intended as a short test run for players to report any major issues with the stability of the game on consoles. So, when does the Valorant console Beta test end?

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Valorant Console Beta Start Date

The Valorant console beta officially launched on June 14, 2024, and it was launched for the Xbox Series X | S and the PlayStation 5 only. The Valorant console beta test is not the full version of the game as it lacks several maps and features from the full game on PC. Instead, it’s intended as a testing ground by Riot where players can help test out the game and report major bugs that might affect the official release.

Valorant Console Beta End Date

Riot Games has not provided an official end date for the Valorant Console Beta test. They’ve only provided the following statement,

“The Limited Beta is intended to help us make sure Valorant is ready for you on console. The Limited Beta will help us test our server performance, as well as some other things. We’ll end it once we feel confident in where the game is at. Follow our social channels for updates as we go!”

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However, if we look at their history of handling betas and launches we can point towards the original launch of Valorant to estimate how long the Console beta will last. Valorant was originally released with its beta test on April 7 2020, and this beta test lasted until May 28, 2020. We can expect the Valorant console beta to follow this schedule.

You can expect the Valorant Console beta to last until the full release of the game and remain live for around a month and a half after its release on June 14, 2024. Player feedback has been mostly positive, so we can also expect Riot Games to accelerate this process further and do the full release a bit earlier. So for those of you curious about the Valorant console beta end date, expect it to end somewhere around early August 2024.

That’s all we know about the Valorant console beta end date. For more Valorant guides, check out how you can register for the console beta and take our quiz to find out which agent suits your playstyle.

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