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Uma Musume Tier List (July 2024)

Who will win the Pretty Derby?

Uma Musume Pretty Derby pits horse girls against each other in the race to the top! It is up to you, the trainer, to make sure each of the girls is in top condition. They each have their own personality and strengths, but which should you choose? Find out below about all available characters in our Uma Musume tier list.

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Uma Musume Characters Tier List

We have sorted the characters of Uma Musume into tiers from strongest S Tier to weakest C Tier. Here is how this breaks down:

  • S Tier: The strongest ‘god tier’ characters who are the ones you want to focus on leveling up.
  • A Tier: Good characters to have, especially if you have no S Tier characters. Best to use above all lower tiers.
  • B Tier: Very average characters. Fine to rely on them during early easier stages but they must be replaced as soon as you can.
  • C Tier: Not worth adding to a team at all. Weak and unbalanced and best avoided even if you have no others to use.
RankingCharacter Name
SSpecial Week, Tokai Teio, Maruzensky, Valentine, Vodka, North Flight, Rice Shower, Daiwa Scarlet, Silence Suzuka, Oguri Cap, Mejiro McQueen
ASymboli Rudolph, Gold Ship, Grass Wonder, Taiki Shuttle, Air Groove, Mayano Top Gun, El Condor Pasa, Super Creek
BMejiro Ryan, Winning Ticket, Agnes Tachyon, Nice Nature
CSakura Bakushino, King Halo, Haru Urara, Matikanefukukitaru, Biko Pegasus, Fujikiseki

S Tier Characters

special week uma musume character
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The S Tier Uma Musume characters are girls you will want to level up and keep in your team! Never swap these out for lower-ranked girls.

  • Special Week
  • Tokai Teio
  • Maruzensky
  • Valentine
  • Vodka
  • North Flight
  • Rice Shower
  • Daiwa Scarlet
  • Silence Suzuka
  • Oguri Cap
  • Mejiro McQueen

A Tier Characters

uma musume symboli rudolph character with long brown hair and a lilac dress
Image Source: CYGames

The A Tier characters in our Uma Musume tier list are not as powerful as S Tier but they are still very good choices.

  • Symboli Rudolph
  • Gold Ship
  • Grass Wonder
  • Taiki Shuttle
  • Air Groove
  • Mayano Top Gun
  • El Condor Pasa
  • Super Creek

B Tier Characters

nice nature uma musume character with red hair in two pigtails
Image Source: CYGames

These B Tier characters are not very powerful but will be a fine choice if you have no other characters available.

  • Mejiro Ryan
  • Winning Ticket
  • Agnes Tachyon
  • Nice Nature

C Tier Characters

king halo uma musume character with medium length brown hair and lilac dress
Image Source: CYGames

The C Tier girls are not recommended to use until they are buffed or balanced by the game developers.

  • Sakura Bakushino
  • King Halo
  • Haru Urara
  • Matikanefukukitaru
  • Biko Pegasus
  • Fujikiseki

That’s it for the Uma Musume character tier list! For more anime game tier lists, why not check out Strinova or Reverse 1999?

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