Top 10 Best Mounts in Terraria to Speed Up Your Adventure

A top 10 list featuring the best mounts in Terraria.

Even when you create a small map in Terraria, getting around on foot—without movement speed items—is a hassle. Luckily, Terraria has a plethora of mounts for you to obtain through chance and progression, some of which fit different niches like being faster in water or infinite flight. Naturally, some mounts are better than others, so keep a lookout for the top 10 best mounts in Terraria.

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Best Mounts to Use in Terraria

10. Slime

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The Slime mount is a simple, yet effective mount that can be picked up pretty early in Terraria. There’s a 25% for the Slimy Saddle dropping on Classic, doubling on Expert and Master difficulty. It isn’t particularly fast, but it does jump very high and damages enemies who are unlucky enough to be underneath it. The Slime mount also floats, which is always handy to have.

9. Witch’s Broom

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Arguably one of the best ways to get around in Terraria due to how the Witch’s Broom operates. Not only can you fly infinitely, but it’s also one of the few flying mounts that don’t add height to your character, making it easy to slip through human-sized pathways. Pick this one up by defeating Mourning Wood on Expert or Master.

8. Scutlix

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The Scutlix is both adorable and wonderfully designed, like some kind of bizarre alien lifeform. On top of that, the Scutlix is fast along with the uncanny ability to fire layers from its eyes and reduce fall damage to 1. If you’re on Hardmode during the Martian Madness, good luck getting the Scutlix from Scutlix Gunners.

7. UFO

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Speaking of aliens, the UFO is another fast mount you can pick up during the Martian Madness event on Hardmode. Like the Witch’s Broom, the UFO mount also allows you to fly around the map infinitely. In a pinch, the UFO is handy to have on boss fights, at least ones outside of water; if you touch water, you’ll get dismounted.

6. Basilisk

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Do you plan on diving deep into caverns and underground tunnels? In that case, the Basilisk is an excellent companion to have due to its good speed and fast acceleration, along with the ability to double-jump and damage enemies you pass through. As a bonus, it reduces fall damage by a whopping 80%, a useful trait to have when you unexpectedly fall down a hole underground.

5. Pirate Ship

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Who doesn’t like pirates? The Pirate Ship is one of the few mounts that is far better on the console version of Terraria than it is on PC, but still worth having simply for the cool factor. Outside of style, it excels in water and air given that it can fly infinitely. If you’re up for the challenge, take on the Flying Dutchman and hope you earn the Pirate Ship mount.

4. Goat

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If you need to traverse great distances on land with a variety of topography, then the Goat mount as your trusty companion. Not only is it just as fast as the Unicorn mount (tops at 61mph), the Goat can double-jump and deal damage to enemies you pass through. There’s a decent chance the Goat mount will drop off the Wall of Flesh on Master mode.

3. Turtle

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Early on in your playthrough of Terraria, you’ll want to avoid water as much as possible given how dangerous it can be. With that said, if you do need to dive into the water for a quick adventure, the Turtle mount is a must-have. On land, it has an abysmal speed, but in water, you’ll be able to get around relatively quickly at 31mph.

2. Tree

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No ground mount in Terraria is faster than the Tree, which is rather funny considering it’s just a tree. When you’ve got long stretches of land to traverse, with very little topography, use the Tree to speed around at 81mph. Most importantly, it deals good summon damage whenever you pass through enemies.

1. Drill

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If this list ranked mounts, the Drill would definitely be in the top three for several reasons. Firstly, you can fly infinitely like the UFO and Witch’s Broom; lastly, and more importantly, the Drill is the fastest way of mining blocks. If you need to excavate large portions of the map, you should absolutely have the Drill mount on hand.

The Drill wraps up the last of the top 10 best mounts in Terraria, though you should still consider finding the others for the sake of completion. For those that haven’t visited Terraria on the Nintendo Switch in a while should be aware that the Journey’s End update adds new content. Also, did you know Terraria was the first game to reach one million reviews on Steam with a positive status?

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