Stardew Valley: What to Do in the Winter

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What to Do in the Winter in Stardew Valley


While regular crop seeds don’t grow in Stardew Valley’s winter on your farm, you can definitely still grow the foraged items. These include Snow Yam, Crocus, Crystal Fruit, and Winter Root. You can get 30 of these seeds for completing the winter foraging bundle for the community center, or, if you’re high enough in your foraging level, you can make the wild seeds for winter. These are, as always, random and will yield you some great coins if you farm them in bulk. Just be wary of the time constraint as they do take awhile to harvest.


What to Do in the Winter in Stardew Valley

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In Stardew Valley’s winter, your livestock become your cash cows. Literally. Since crops aren’t fruitful in the winter, you’ll be getting the most money from your animal products (and also your animals themselves if you choose to sell them). Make sure that all year long you’re working on increasing your animal stock. Get your coop full of four chickens. Get a barn that’s filled to the brim with cows. Heck, if you can swing it, upgrade them and get some ducks, sheep, and pigs into the mix. Your animals will stay inside and you’ll need to keep them sustained on hay, but they’ll be the only ones that will reward you daily with a steady revenue stream.

Dig, Dig, Dig

What to Do in the Winter in Stardew Valley

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As mentioned before, you’ll get 30 wild winter seeds from completing the winter foraging bundle in the community center. These yield the same exact things you would forage to begin with. In order to get the most out of winter roots and snow yams, you’ll need to get to digging around random spots. Yes, you will find crystal fruit and holly strewn about, but digging yields the most winter roots and snow yams. A good spot to get them is on the beach. They do pretty well in terms of selling price, too.

Make Friends


It’s always a good idea to make some friends in any season. And what better season to do it in than the one all about giving (and also the one where you can’t really do much else anyway for your farm)? On Winter 25th, Stardew Valley has its equivalent of Christmas. You’ll be given a Secret Santa of sorts and you’ll have to prepare something for them for the festivities. Make sure you know what they like, since this is a big deal and could make or break your friendship (or relationship).

Besides the 25th, you might want to spend some time giving gifts around town. Have any love interests you want to woo? Check out our guide on who you can marry and what they like.


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The great thing about fishing is that it’s in style all year round. That’s right, the water doesn’t freeze in Stardew Valley. You can and should get your fishing on whenever you can. Particularly at nighttime. The squids only come to Pelican Town’s beach on winter nights and they go for a hefty sum when sold. Not only that, but one of Willy’s quests will have you fetching one for him.

Fishing is just a good way to pass the time in general within Stardew Valley. Not only does it give you something to do, but you’ll be making money from the fish you catch. And if you get some specific ones, you’ll be working on your Community Center Fish Tank bundles.

Check out our guide on how to fish and attach bait if you need any help.


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Ah, the thrill of adventure. Luckily, the mines will never close down. Make your way over to them and get to slashing bugs and slimeballs as you work your way up the Adventurer’s Guild ranks. It’s always a good idea to go in there with just a pickaxe and a sword, as the loot you’re going to be getting will quickly fill your pockets. But be wary of your health. If you drop to zero, you’ll lose items and a lot of floors that you’ve already discovered.

Clear Out Your Mess of a Farm

What to Do in the Winter in Stardew Valley

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If all else fails, clean up that mess all around your farm. You’ll need a lot of wood and stone for a ton of buildings and craftables, so why not get it all out of the way now? You’ll even be clearing out your farm, to boot! Not to mention that mushroom trees should be growing around your farm by now and chopping these down nets you some good coins as you sell each individual red mushroom. Oh, and who could forget hardwood? You’ll need those in droves, too. So, all in all, it’s a really good idea to clear out the messy forest growing around your farm. Not only will it be aesthetically pleasing, but you’ll have the materials needed for some heavy duty renovations.


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